Tamra Copper LA

Copper + Crystal Grid

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A Tamra + Spirit&Beyond collaboration Crystal grids are spiritual tools that harness the union of energies created between healing stones, sacred geometry, and your intention. Our curated crystals, chosen with clarity and love, can be used to manifest abundance in all areas of your life. The focus crystal sits upon an amplifying copper disc engraved with a powerful Tamra symbol. Each configuration was designed by Donna Freeman of Spirit&Beyond, a reiki master and crystal healer. ***New Update*** Upgrade any grid with a large engraved Copper Moon for an additional $25. With a 20cm diameter and 18 gauge thickness these are substantial, stunning pieces. This replaces the small copper disk and wood board that's included with the regular grid. Crystals are placed in a EuroSuede pouch packed in labeled box with informational card, sticker, and wood grid board.