Brand Ambassador Program

You're here for a reason.

You’re here because you envision a life or world that’s a whole hell of a lot better than the one we’ve got right now. With so many things going wrong, it’s hard to know the right action(s) to take. 

This platform equips you (and your followers) with the tools to change your life and change the world. Here, you can do good AND get rewarded for it. Earn ”social change” points by completing challenges, sharing content on social media and promoting a sustainable lifestyle. Then, exchange your points for sustainable ”Social Goods” from The Green Store.

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How to Earn Points:

  • Referrals. You will earn points for unique visits every time one of your followers clicks the link provided and/or makes a purchase.
  • Instagram shares. You will earn a set number of points for each time you tag in your story or instagram post with a bonus based on the number of views. 

How to Redeem Points:

Once you've earned a set number of points, you can redeem them for store credit towards free "social goods" from The Green Store. 

Program Perks: 

  • A 15% vanity discount code for your followers
  • A 30% ambassador discount code for yourself
  • An opportunity to get ✨FREE✨  sustainable products
  • Access to early releases and special offers
  • Free promo for your brand, business or cause 
  • Save the planet by promoting an eco-conscious lifestyle 
  • Support a small, black woman owned sustainable business

How it Works:

Step One. Apply for the program using the form below.

Step Two. Once accepted into the program, you will receive a link to a custom page with your unique discount codes and links to share on your social media pages and/or website. (Be sure to bookmark this page!) 

Step Three. Claim your free product or discount and review/share it via instagram tagging (to earn points) 

Step Four. Complete monthly challenges for more opportunities to earn. 

Step Five. Redeem your points for more "social goods" from The Green Store. 

**PLEASE NOTE: In order to connect Instagram, you must have an Instagram Business or Creator account. Any personal account can be switched to a Creator account for free.