This Jewelry Brand is Redefining Conscious Luxury

Ana Luisa is redefining Conscious Luxury starting with recycled materials, transparent business practices, and small-batch designs that are kind to the Earth. Their sustainably-crafted pieces bring joy to those who wear them and to those who make them proving that luxury can be enjoyed without excess.

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Carbon Neutral 

Ana Luisa is the first direct-to-consumer jewelry brand to become carbon-neutral. Since their founding in 2018, they've considered, tracked, and evaluated the environmental impact of every aspect of their company, from sourcing to shipping to office life, with a goal to get their carbon footprint to zero.

That means for all the CO2 that is produced during the creation of their jewelry, running the business, and shipping orders—it's all counterbalanced with the same amount of oxygen. They give back for everything that they take—think of it as fair trade with mother nature.

Earth-Conscious Craftsmanship

Ana Luisa's jewelry is made with clean, low-impact, and recycled materials, and their production process respects both the craftspeople and the earth. With a less-is-just-enough philosophy, their collections are released in limited-run small batches each Friday to ensure highest production standards and eliminate excess waste. Their designs are intuitive and thoughtful, simple pleasures to look at and live in. Their goal is to enjoy and celebrate the beauty of the earth without leaving a trace.

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