An Inside Look At The Green Store

Globe Grantee Joi Sears: The Green Store from People's Liberty on Vimeo.

The Green Store is a pop-up shop and creative placemaking project which features ethical, eco-friendly fashion and lifestyle products. In an effort to promote conscious consumerism, the store offers sustainable alternatives for common household products, tools to help promote a zero-waste lifestyle and a variety of chic, stylish and affordable sustainable clothing.

Much more than just a place to shop, The Green Store hosts a robust program of fun, engaging and educational events in an effort to spread awareness about environmental justice/sustainability and equip people with the tools to live a more eco-conscious life.

From “Recycling 101” to “Zero Waste Cooking classes”, The Green Store is the place to be whether you are a novice to sustainability or an expert. It’s a place to come, hang out, take a yoga class, drink a green “inner-G” smoothie and discuss how we can suck less as humans to build a better world.

The Challenge


The idea for The Green Store grew out of a problem I discovered while conducting research as a fellow at The DO School. We were working with H&M Germany to design a sustainable packaging solution.  In my research, I  found that although 9 out of every 10 Millennials say they care about the environment, less than 30% actually put their money where their mouth is when it comes to shopping sustainably. In fact less than 1% of people admit to buying sustainable fashion on a regular basis. 

In my research I found that there were four key reasons why people aren't shopping sustainably:

That’s where The Green Store comes in. Our products are intentionally more affordable. When it comes to style, we choose things that you would actually wanna wear. It’s  accessible both online and offline through our pop-up shops. But most importantly, The Green Store is a conversation starter around sustainable consumption.

Because let’s face it, when it comes to the environment, human beings are THE WORST. Between the island of plastic floating in the Pacific Ocean, the hazardous chemicals we’re pumping into the air, or the fact that we’re cutting down trees (only to use them as toilet paper) -  we have to do better! We’re using up this planet’s resources like we have another one to go to, only there is no “Planet B”. So, if we want to sustain life on THIS planet, we have to make smarter choices when it comes to things we buy.

The Green Store is the way of the future. We are redefining the relationship society has with the things that we buy. We put people and the planet at the bottom line.

Not only do we focus on products that have a positive impact on the environment we also empower other social entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life through our platform. We are reimagining a better, more sustainable future for ourselves, our communities and future generations.

Taking Over The Globe

The first pop-up took place in the summer of 2017. It was sponsored by People's Liberty, a philanthropic lab based in Cincinnati, Ohio. I was awarded $15,000 and a storefront to bring my idea to life.

The first partnership that I secured was with Urban Blooms. They designed our beautiful living wall and moss graffiti.

Copper racks, tables and shelving was ethically produced by Little Deer based in the UK. Looking back, I would've opted for a local vendor to lighten our carbon footprint in terms of transportation. However, I wanted to make sure I invested in things that would stand the test of time.

The first pop-up served as the debut for Amsterdamage, my sustainable fashion + lifestyle brand.

The Green Store Does Dubai

We were invited to pitch The Green Store at last year’s Global Youth Forum in Dubai and we WON!! We came in first place in the category of Environmental Sustainability and 2nd place overall.

The aim of the forum was to bring together young people from all over the world to discuss and redefine what it means to think as an entrepreneur in today’s knowledge based economic climate. This conference, set to the backdrop of beautiful, scenic and lavish Dubai, was absolutely epic.

Check out this short film about the event:

Pop-up Partnership with P&G

The second pop-up took place at "Preneur", a storefront managed by Procter & Gamble in downtown Cincinnati. The space was created to showcase the work of local entrepreneurs while serving as a testing ground for some of the company's new products.The pop-up took place in December, 2017 and featured sustainable alternatives for traditional holiday gifts as well as the Amsterdamage Fall/Winter collection.

Downtown Cincy Pop Shop

In collaboration with Downtown Cincinnati Inc., our third pop-up took place the summer of 2018. Downtown Cincinnati Inc., in partnership with the City of Cincinnati, developed a pop-up shop program that brings together entrepreneurs, artists, makers, and small businesses with local property owners to fill vacant spaces and activate downtown. The pop shop brought together four women vendors who are all working to develop sustainable products and business.

The Vision

Our vision is to have locations all over the world. And not just pop-up stores but hotels. restaurants. community centers - innovative spaces which center around building diverse, inclusive and sustainable communities.