Levi’s Jeans Are Too Dirty To Wear 😷👖

The Fashion industry’s pollution is deadly. The industry is responsible for as many as 38,000 deaths a year from the impacts of climate change around the globe. Most are children in developing countries. In 2016, the fashion industry caused an astounding 2,764,000 additional premature deaths or disabilities as a direct result of toxic pollution from its facilities and coal-fired plants powering them.

One of the biggest culprits is Levi’s. The brand has dragged its feet on comprehensive climate action at a time when industry leaders around the globe are investing in breakthrough advances and transformational commitments to rein in the growing climate crisis.

Why are Levi’s so dirty?


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Levi’s has made some commitments to reduce its climate pollution. But so far the denim giant has ignored up to 90% of its climate pollution, which is hiding in its supply chain. This supply chain includes hundreds of factories around the globe, many that run largely on coal and other fossil fuels. Now is time for Levi’s to announce a full climate commitment. Each month or year the company delays, the pollution continues.

In response, the campaign “Levi’s: Too Dirty to Wear” was launched to call on Levi’s to end its climate pollution and transition to renewable energy.  On April 26th (Earth Week) #TooDirtyToWear campaign activists gathered at the Levi’s store in Times Square, removing their jeans in protest over the company’s climate pollution.

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