KFC Cooks Up Vegetarian Fried Chicken (Are We Here For It?)

Popular fast food chain KFC has recently announced its plans to offerย  vegetarian fried ‘chicken’. The option will be available at some of its UK locations later this year. This plant-based meat alternative will be flavored with the same secret blend of 11 spices as their original fried chicken. If successful, the brand will officially launch the new product in 2019.

KFC hopes that their meat-free creation will offer “the same great taste of KFC to new and existing customers who are changing their dining habits.” The vegetarian fried chicken is meant to be a healthier substitute to their standard offerings. As far as what exactly is going into the “chicken”, it’s still under development. However, this is an exciting innovation for many of us with plant based diets

McDonalds Launches “McVegan” Burger

KFC is not the only massive fast food chain thinking about veggie options. Earlier this year, McDonalds launched its “McVegan” burger at several locations across Euro.. The sandwich, which has already been tested at a handful of McDonald’s locations in Finland, consists of a soy patty, bun, tomato, lettuce, pickles, onion, ketchup, mustard, oil and an egg-less sandwich sauce.

“Like our other burgers, the McVegan is tasty and has a good texture,” said McDonald’s (MCD) spokesperson Henrik Nerell.
The meatless burger, which was developed in partnership with a specialty Norwegian food company, could help the American chain capitalize on increased demand for vegetarian and vegan foods.

McDonald’s said the burger will be on its permanent menu in the two countries, a response to “more and more” people wanting to eat “plant-based food” that is better for the environment. “As the main ingredient is plant-based, the McVegan is considered to have a smaller climate impact,” McDonald’s said. Livestock farming is responsible for around 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions, according to the UN.

White Castle Brings the “Impossible Burger” To The Table

White Castle is another fast food chain which aims to capture the meatless market with their “impossible burgers”. Made with Impossible Foods’ signature vegan meat, the burgers will come in a vegetarian format, topped with pickles, onion, and smoked cheddar cheese.

What’s amazing about this is that for the first time, the Impossible Burger will be available at a much more cost-friendly point. This opens up a whole new market of price-conscious consumers. They can now sample the vegan meat for the first time. Impossible claims that their meat tastes just like the real deal.

White Castle’s incorporation of the Impossible Burger confirms that enough mainstream consumers are now ready to replace some of their meat with similar plant-based alternatives. These substitutes aren’t necessarily meant for vegans, but are a way to get meat-eaters to swap out some of the real stuff to help reduce the biological and environmental demands current meat production has on the planet. A company with the brand legacy and size of White Castle recognizing and utilizing this trend is huge, and should be a statement to the rest of the industry to take note.