Find Your Zen At This Relaxing Eco Village in Cambodia

Southeast Asia is all the rage these days. Between the warm weather, surprisingly affordable cost of living and beautiful scenery, many urban nomads have decided to call places like Bali, Thailand and Cambodia home. But even if you aren’t quite ready to just jump ship, the South Pacific is full of breathtaking (and eco-conscious) vacation destinations for you to get your zen on (and be the envy of your Instagram feed😉)

Spread out across lush gardens and rice paddy fields on the outskirts of Siem Reap, Phum Baitang is a green oasis which reflects the genuine Cambodian spirit.

Green Initiatives

Phum Baitang’s dedication to sustainable practices is evident throughout the hotel. An autonomous water treatment facility provides clean drinking water in re-useable glass bottles that may be re-filled at several stations throughout the resort eradicating the need for plastic containers. The hotel uses electric buggies to transport guests and luggage eliminating the use of fueled vehicles around the property. Bicycles are available for guests to ride around the resort.

Playing a part in preserving local endangered species, Phum Baitang has its own natively grown garden that uses a naturally produced mist to control pesticides, essentially reducing harm to the environment. The resort is also home to buffaloes, which plough the rice paddies and keep the lawn areas trimmed, while their excrement—along with garden refuge—is used as fertilizer. All guest laundry is done in-house with eco-friendly and biodegradable detergent. With their extraordinarily thorough green initiatives, Phum Baitang embodies its purpose in creating a wholly sustainable environment.

The Villas

Stretched across the rice fields and surrounded by a rich and luxurious natural environment are 45 spacious villas, forming an authentic village of true Cambodian style. The traditional architecture has been ecologically built with indigenous materials and Cambodian wisdom gleaned from centuries of construction, offering guests a full cultural immersion in mystical Siem Reap. Twenty villas feature private swimming pools and gardens, with the remaining 25 villas offering large terraces as stunning vantage points from which to take in the greenery. Each villa is adorned with elegant, handmade Cambodian wooden furniture, rough stone sinks and bathtubs, antiques and lantern- style lighting that only uses eco-friendly bulbs.

The Spa

A perfect antidote to the hustle of Siem Reap, The Spa Temple is inspired by the architecture of Angkor and designed for guests seeking rejuvenation. In seven treatment rooms, a blend of Cambodian techniques and traditional products are applied to ensure ultimate relaxation. The spa experience can be prolonged in a series of additional spaces that include a sauna, hammam, fitness room, and a 50-meter swimming pool.

I don’t know about you but I’m definitely adding this breathtaking eco oasis to my bucket list. Between the spa, luxurious villas and the commitment to sustainability Phum Baitang  has it all and can be booked for only 500 euros a night. 🙃 A girl can dream right?