This (Vegan) Collard Green Sushi is Everything

This mashup tho.

I’m not gonna lie, I was totally tardy for the sushi party back when it was “on trend” mainly because the vegan/vegetarian options are generally limited or lackluster. Until now..

Packed with vitamins and flavor, collard greens serve as the perfect way to roll up quinoa-speckled rice, buttery avocado slices, and roasted sweet potato. Serve the sushi rolls alongside spicy edamame and dipped in srirarcha mayo for the perfect meal to spice up your week.

Surprisingly enough, this dish is fairly simple to make. It takes about 30 mins start to finish. Just boil the rice, cut, season and roast the sweet potatoes in the oven while you slice up the avocado and cucumber. Toss the edamame in the togarashi spice—(sesame, dried chiles, and nori) and whip up the vegan sriracha mayo. Don’t forget the garlic! The best part is, it’s super cheap to make. You’ll likely spend less than $20 on all of the ingredients. It’s healthy, vegan and minimizes food waste.

The hardest part about this dish is slicing up the sushi. This is the part that I failed miserably first time around. They key is to not put too much rice into the wrap and slice the veggies thin. Worst case scenario, if it’s just not working you have a delicious collard green wrap for you to bite into whole. And if it’s just one of those days when everything (including the sushi) falls apart just dump it all into a bowl. It will taste equally delicious.

Click here to check out the full recipe via Purple Carrot, a vegan subscription box service.

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