A Zero Waste Packaging Free Store Opens in Singapore

Our goal with The Green Store is to be entirely zero waste. It’s a difficult feat considering that most humans and businesses are not quite there yet. Lucky for us, we can look to UnPackt for #inspo. Based in Singapore, UnPackt is a packaging-free store that says it offers consumers ‘zero-waste shopping’. The store sells food, household products and toiletries out of self-serve bins, and shoppers must bring their own bags and containers to fill. The store also plans to launch a recycling program for donated containers.

UnPackt is not the only store of it’s kind. The Original Unverpackt in Berlin was the world’s first zero waste grocery store. The store has no packaging, plastic or big-name brands, instead Unverpackt stocks their shelves using a bulk bin system with an assortment of fruits, vegetables and grains. Even shampoo and milk are dispensed from refillable containers.

Also, the Package Free shop in Brooklyn went viral when it opened a couple years ago. The brainchild of zero waste blogger, Lauren Singer, Package Free is a one-stop shop for all things sustainable living.

There’s no doubt that the sustainability movement is gaining momentum.  Earlier this year we’ve seen restaurant chain Wagamama mark Earth Day by pledging to ditch plastic straws, while the government of Kenya recently vowed to ban plastic bags entirely. Iceland also plans to eliminate plastic packaging from all branded products in their grocery stores. 

There is a growing expectation that brands and businesses do more to minimize the negative impacts they have on the planet, society, and individual health. We’re dedicated to pushing this movement along with The Green Store and have also join the movement to ban plastic packaging from our store moving forward. ♻

Trend spotted via TrendWatching