Two weeks ago Gucci’s CEO, Marco Bizzarri, launched the CEO Carbon Neutral Challenge: an initiative that calls on leaders across the fashion industry to commit to a carbon neutral future. When

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few weeks, (or maybe just an intelligent contributing member of society who ain’t got nobody’s time to Keep Up With

A capsule wardrobe is a small collection of clothing, accessories, and shoes that encourage you to wear your favorite things every day! Unless you’re lucky enough to live in one

NEW YEAR, NEW UMM.. CAPSULE WARDROBE? It’s 2020 and we’re bringing in the new decade with a little challenge to help you get into That Green Life. This year, we

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You want to hear something that will blow your mind when you really think about it? Our trash cans eat better than 25 percent of the world’s

These innovative new products are perfect for even the most progressive littles. As a Millennial mom, (of arguably one of the wokest babies on the planet✊🏾)

You avoid harmful chemicals in your food and skin care products, so why put them on your nails? If you think it’s “because you have to”

On January 15th 2019, Neonyt presented its neo view on fashion to an international audience at Ewerk Berlin. Curated by renowned fashion stylist and co-founder of