3 Things Us Plebs Can Learn From Kim Kardashian’s Kitchen

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few weeks, (or maybe just an intelligent contributing member of society who ain’t got nobody’s time to Keep Up With The Kardashians💅🏾), you’ve heard the groundbreaking news that Kim Kardashian-West has recently revealed the inside of her… kitchen. 🤯 And let’s just say, we were floored.

Just weeks after being mocked for having empty shelves in her refrigerator and accused of having no food to feed her kids, she snapped back in a series of IG stories which basically just says, we have an entire restaurant inside our house you idiots!”

Now, I admire Kim. There are a lot of things that she does really well.
She’s good at getting people out of prison, for instance. ✊🏾 She makes beautiful babies. She’s launches a new product/brand every single day of the week. And now, we can sleep soundly knowing that somewhere inside her giant minimalist museum of a home there are a plethora of refrigerators, pantries, and full staff of people who are feeding her kids, well.

F*ck plastic.

”I got rid of all my plastic so now we have these glass jars. Even all the sprinkles for my frozen yogurt.”

Kim Kardashian-West

Let’s just hope she’s (or someone that works for her of course!) is buying in bulk from a zero waste/package free grocery store (and not just tossing the plastic packaging to put the food on display) because then that would defeat the entire purpose, Kim🗣. If so, kudos to her 👏🏾 for thinking about the impact her excess has on the environment.

Kim’s kitchen is not entirely plastic free but I think the intent behind it is inspiring. I even spotted her drinking a Boxed Water at breakfast. OK Kim, we love a good boxed water, especially Jaden Smith’s JUST Water.

”Hey, look at my kids. They’re eating.”

You can’t eat it if you can’t see it

The key here is all about making your food visible. Food that is out and can easily be seen is less likely to be wasted. It’s easier to forget about hiding in the back of the refrigerator or cabinet. Even Kim’s walk-in refrigerator had fresh fruits and veggies on display.

The Kardashians have been all about that glass jar life for years. I personally have been on a mission to perfect Aunt Khloe’s cookie and candy jar displays since the first time I laid eyes on them. I found a bunch of cheap Anchor Hocking Jars from target and use them to store fruits and sweets at home. They’re also a big hit at events.

Plant Based Diet

Kim’s plant-based pledge came about three months after Beyoncé urged her fans to embrace a meat-free eating regimen. It looks like she’s been keeping her word. Not only is eating more plant based food healthier for our bodies but it’s also much much much kinder to the environment.

Although we do have to admit it is much much much easier to eat plant based when you have a team of chefs on call. However, there are a bunch of ways that we can invite more plant based meals into our lives.

I’m currently wanting to make the shift from vegetarianism to veganism. My meals are plant based but I want to cut out dairy. Here are some ideas:

  • Cook plant based meals at home
  • Use a vegan subscription service like Purple Carrot
  • Try one new plant based recipe a week
  • Eat one vegan meal a day like lunch
  • Try any new plant based options at restaurants
  • Start an indoor garden

Kim stressed that her family was planning to start a garden on their property to grow their own organic food which I think is ultimately the way to go. But in the meantime, between farmers markets, food co-ops etc. it’s easy to get your hands on healthy, sustainable, organic food to feed yourself and your family. Just like Kim apparently does. Who knew?

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